Quality Audit

CIR Aero’s Quality Audit

In 2018, CIR Aero’s team was audited in order to renew the EN9120:2019 certification. The process “Quote – Order – Supply” obtained an excellent score of 5/5.

An exceptional score for CIR Aero which was assigned this score for the first time for a PEAR sheet (Process Effectiveness Assessment Record). The auditor informed us on the rarity of such a grade for companies.

In 2019, the CIR Aero’s team was again rewarded for its work, by receiving a score of 5/5 on the evaluation of another process “Suppliers Strategic Direction“, on the update audit.

All these results show the strong organisation put in place at CIR Aero. It also shows the reliability and involvement of the whole CIR Aero’s team, which, every day, work to improve its organisation and the customer satisfaction.

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