Quality at CIR Aero : all concerned, all involved


AFAQSince 2019, CIR AERO is certified ISO 9001.2015 and EN9120.2016 for its trading activity in aerospace, military and space field. CIR AERO’s Quality Department oversees all procedures of checking and audits all incoming and outgoing items.

CIR AERO’s staff is involved in the day-to-day performance and continuous improvement required by the aviation industry. Any potential anomaly is recorded as a customer or supplier complaint. In addition, efficient and adapted methods are available to verify the conformity of incoming and outgoing equipment.

All deliveries are accompanied by a certificate of conformity either from the manufacturer or CIR AERO. These certificates are kept in our archives, without time limit and are available upon request within 24 hours.

From the quotation request of our customers and prospects, CIR AERO checks the last index of the plan to provide the appropriate component.

For every contract review, we ensure we have the latest version of the customer quality requirements.

Performance and monitoring indicators enable CIR AERO staff to maintain a high level of performance, expected by all our clients and the profession. In 2018, our Quality Performance Level (OQD) was 99.7% and our Delivery Performance Level (OTD) was 95%.

Lastly, thanks to our customers and through internal audits, we are constantly improving our processes to meet, at best, the requirements of the aerospace market.

We are always at your disposal : do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form, to share your comments on this topic of quality.

For further information, please contact our team.