Factory visit at Le Joint Français

A factory visit to a manufacturer: an enriching experience with Le Joint Français – HUTCHINSON

If you are curious about how the products you use are made, a factory visit could be a fascinating experience. Recently, CIR AERO had the opportunity to visit a seal manufacturing plant of the Hutchinson brand – Le Joint Français.

The visit began with a presentation about the history of the company and the products it manufactures.

We were then equipped before starting the visit of the factory. Our guide showed us the different stages of the products manufacturing, processes involving sophisticated machines that performed precise and repetitive tasks, as well as skilled workers who performed more complex tasks.

We also learned how the company ensures the quality of its products by performing rigorous testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, using labs where products are tested to ensure the highest quality standards. This aspect is validated today by the manufacturer LJF, with their EN9100 certification.

Finally, the visit ended with a presentation on how the company integrated the environment into its manufacturing activities. All in all, the factory visit was a fascinating experience that allowed our entire team to better understand the manufacturing process of the seals that we offer you today with our partner Le Joint Français – Hutchinson.