The different seal materials

The different seal materials

There are many seal materials that are selected according to the applications and constraints experienced (temperature, chemical resistance, type of sealing, hardness…).

How could you choose the material that best meets your needs?


The unique properties of silicone rubber over a wide temperature range of -65° to 315° C (-85° to 599°F) reflect the many new applications for this multifunctional material.

Silicones are immune to the damaging effects of ozone, weathering and other forces. The inherent heat resistance of silicone rubber is well known. Special compounds provide the good shelflife at temperatures up to 315°C (599°F).


Fluorosilicone rubber is a polymer based on silicone rubber, with the addition of fluorine groups. Parts are typically formed by compression or transfer molding in which the rubber is vulcanized (cured) by heat. Fluorosilicone rubber can also be extruded and heat-vulcanized into tubes, strips, strong cords or custom profiles.

Fluorosilicone is a highly inert material and does not react with the most of chemical products. It has a superior resistance to fuels and oils compared to silicone rubber. It is more resistant to ozone, UV, heat and other aging factors than other organic rubber compounds.

Fluorosilicone is widely used in aviation and aerospace, especially for applications requiring resistance to fuels and oils. Seals such as O-rings, grommets and control diaphragms used in fuel systems are often made of fluorosilicone.


Nitrile rubber is an acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymer. It is currently the most used elastomer in the seal industry. Nitrile combines excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, water and alcohols with a balance of properties such as compression set, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Nitrile is typically used in oil-resistant applications. Other uses include automotive, aircraft fuel systems, low temperature military use, marine and off-highway equipment.

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