Relubricate a bearing

Why relubricate a bearing?

Usually, “standard” bearings are produced with a lubricant covering a wide operating range. However, for specific applications, it becomes necessary to use a suitable lubricant.

On the other hand, bearing manufacturers, in conjunction with lubricant producers, recommend a maximum storage time for bearings before use, mainly due to lubricants, oils and greases having a limited storage life – bearings stored in stock or waiting to be fitted to equipment.

When the grease has exceeded the maximum storage life, one of the solutions is to throw away these bearings and order them again. However, from an ecological point of view, this would be a real shame.

The other solution offered by CIR AERO, which is much more virtuous and respectful of the environment, consists in providing re-lubrication with a “fresh” lubricant. The advantages of this solution are, on the one hand, cost control and, on the other hand, a much shorter processing time than starting a new production.

At CIR AERO, we have selected suppliers who offer re-lubrication services under optimal conditions. These operations are carried out in specially designed facilities using air filters, to eliminate any source of contamination that may be present during the re-lubrication process. Hundreds of different lubricants, particularly those qualified for military and aerospace specifications, are available to our customers.

Re-lubrication of bearings offers many benefits !

Please do not hesitate to contact the CIR AERO team to discuss this.