18 03, 2020

Information : COVID-19


Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, CIR has implemented exceptional operation with hygiene precautions to protect both its teams and its customers.

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11 02, 2020

CIR AERO in visit at SKF


On the 22th January 2020, a part of CIR Aero's team was at the production site of SKF, in their Saint-Cyr sur Loire's factory (37).

CIR AERO in visit at SKF2020-02-11T09:31:40+01:00
21 05, 2019

CIR Aero’s Quality Audit


In 2018, CIR Aero's team was audited in order to renew the EN9120:2019 certification. The process "Quote - Order - Supply" obtained an excellent score of 5/5. An exceptionnal score for CIR Aero which was assigned this score for the first time for a PEAR sheet (Process Effectiveness Assessment Record).

CIR Aero’s Quality Audit2019-06-07T09:49:35+02:00